EMS - Quantifier

Our EMS-Quantifier is comprised of 3 solid state sensor packs that provide constant soil feedback to EMS and our client.  These sensor packs are custom designed and  continuously estimate hydrocarbon vapours, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen, temperature and relative humidity within the soil.


The stations are solar powered and are installed directly into a typical soil assessment borehole at a minimum of three different depths. Each sensor pack is surrounded by a clean sand pack and sealed from other sensor pack surfaces with bentonite to ensure accurate data relevant to the soil and related depth is captured. Using the depth profiles, we estimate the presence and depletion rate of hydrocarbons. 


The EMS-Quantifier works together with our EMS-Optimizer to provide site-specific estimates of hydrocarbon depletion, which indicates if the site remediation is complete, on course or in need of enhancement.

The Benefits

Accurate estimate of site liability

Continuous remote data access 

99% decrease in carbon footprint

Single setup cost, no maintenance

EMS Inc. 2020

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