EMS - Distributor

The EMS-Distributor is a proprietary tool that is integrated with our EMS-Quantifier. It is comprised of 4 modules that work to deliver our custom bio-stimulatory solutions into the contaminated soil.   The 4 modules are as follows:

Power: The solar power module allows remote location access to be bio-stimulated.

Water: This module makes use of on-site ground water eliminating the need for a pressurized water source.

Mixing Control: The intelligent mixing module leverages  real time data to mix a custom bio-stimulatory solution that  optimizes clean up activity in the soil.

Delivery: Focused on site infiltration leveraging fractured flow to cheaply clean up soil.   It does not require advanced drive point systems, but instead is either used in windrow type applications, or directly into French Drain type systems.

The Benefits

Access to remote locations

Remote pump rate monitoring

99% reduced carbon footprint

Significantly cheaper set up costs

A maintenance free base unit is available that is comprised of the Mixing Control module and is designed to run for 4 months. Set up is easy, requiring only two people and no more than a garden hose for a water source. The system is able to continuously and reliably add the bio-stimulant solution to create Bio-lodestone in the subsurface and provided consistent updates on its performance.

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