Steven D. Siciliano, B.Sc, Ph.D.  
CEO & President

Steven is a soil microbiologist and toxicologist with 25 years of experience in industrial innovation and academic research. He has led soil remediation work of hydrocarbons, metal and fertilizers across the globe, spanning both Antarctica and the Arctic, with a strong emphasis on the remediation of hydrocarbons in difficult northern soils that have complex below ground infrastructure.

Josh Puchailo, BA 

Josh is a co-founder in Genesis Capital BP Inc.  He brings a versatile background including investment in emerging technology companies. His responsibilities have included identifying investment opportunities, conducting due-diligence and deal structure. He leverages over a decade of experience in project management within the Oil & Gas transportation industry. 

Curtis Senger, B.Sc, M.Sc

Curtis is an analytical chemist with experience in environmental testing. He specializes in hydrocarbon-contaminated soils and groundwater. Curtis is an expert on all types of chromatography techniques, X-ray and infrared spectroscopy, and radiochemical techniques.

Chelsea Voinorosky, B.Sc, M.Sc
Derek Peak, B.Sc, Ph.D. 

Derek is a world-renowned soil chemistry professor with 20 years of experience in performing chemical speciation in soils and sediments, and using synchrotron-based techniques. He is recognized as the world expert in developing synchrotron-based approaches to solve soil management problems and has been invited to synchrotrons across the world to help them develop research programs in soils and agriculture.

Kerry Brown, B.Com, CPA, CA 

With over 33 years of experience in Angel Capital funds, Kerry Brown has led 3 funds to successful exits for founders and investors. He has a passion to help young companies and entrepreneurs succeed, as well as growing the technology sector within Alberta. Kerry has chaired the board for multiple technology ventures and has stepped in as 

Managing Director /Chief Executive Office for several successful companies. 

Amy Jimmo, M.Sc, P.Biol., EP 
Operations Director  

Amy is an environmental scientist with over 10 years experience in Site Characterization and Remediation. She is a capable field and technical resource with experience in all aspects of multifaceted projects including Phase II environmental site assessments, laser-induced fluorescence surveys, soil vapour extraction, multiphase extraction, and in-situ chemical oxidation studies. Over the past few years, Amy has specialized in the design and implementation of bioremediation and natural source zone depletion studies.

Chelsea is a biochemist with experience in environmental testing and analytical chemistry. She specializes in LCMS (liquid chromatography and mass spectrophotometry). Chelsea is an expert on herbicide toxicity and other various laboratory analytical procedures.  She has worked with diverse stakeholders facing extreme conditions to broaden her skillset.

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