EMS - Optimizer

The EMS-Optimizer is a proprietary design comprised of a flow-through cell and an infrared system. The EMS-Optimizer is designed to capture depletion data, which is used to optimize site-specific formulations to accelerate the remediation process. This method ensures the optimization of the biogenic mineral we call “BioLodestone”, which is responsible for accelerating the degradation of hydrocarbons by native organisms present in the soil.

The Process to an Optimized BioLodestone

Select impacted soil cores from the vadose horizon

Analyse the soil cores over 21 days & compare hydrocarbon depletion rates

Hydrocarbon & other markers are estimated from before & after sample data

Formulation of a site specific BioLodestone

The Benefits

Tailored to specific site

Accelerates remediation

Significant cost savings

Reduces mobilization

EMS Inc. 2020

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